ALC by Cooper Controls

Flexible lighting network solutions that
save you energy, time and money


Today’s modern buildings demand integrated lighting control solutions to work efficiently. ALC network solutions can be configured for a wide spectrum of uses from individual and open planned offices through to the largest commercial spaces such as shopping centres and airports. Our objective is to bring flexibility and user convenience to the space to meet your current and future needs whilst maximising energy efficiency.

Based on CANbus technology, ALC networks feature distributed intelligence and fully programmable software to deliver a tailored solution including strategies for occupancy and daylighting.

All ALC lighting control products are independently tested to comply with the European Standards and Directives for noise immunity and safety and are CE marked accordingly.

Cooper Controls is an ISO9001:2008 accredited company.


System Flexibility

…your choice – distributed, centralised or mixed wiring layouts

Distributed Wiring

Using distributed pluggable and hardwired LCMs can save time, installation and cable costs.

Ideal for suspended ceiling, ceiling rafts and chilled beam applications where the LCMs are placed close to the light fittings eliminating the need for lengthy home run wiring.

Use 2-part fix LCMs for second fix installation to protect equipment from site loss or damage.


Centralised Wiring

For a traditional centralised wiring strategy use DINrail devices to build into equipment cabinets placing control equipment close to power supplies.

Ideal for retrofit, external lighiting, highbay installations, plastered ceilings, historic buildings and where suspended or wall mounted fittings are predominately used.

Build networks between Area Controllers using CANbus or TCP I/P to deliver a comprehensive building wide lighting control solution with optional connectivity to external systems including BMS and AV systems


Conventional Lighting Control System

Group luminaires and sensors as required for logical working areas.
Install control switches for local user control.
Define circulation areas, corridors and stairwells to be held on when the space is occupied.
Activate controlled luminance to reduce artificial light where there is enough daylight.
Supports ballast control by 1-10V, DSI and broadcast or full addressable DALI
Choose dimming or switching strategies for each luminaire.
Add a PC to monitor and revise configurations entirely in software when changes are needed.
Activate emergency tests using key switches for security.

DALI Lighting Control System

Fully addressable DALI LCMs –
For ultimate flexibility

Fully addressable pluggable LCMs support almost any wiring configuration of the DALI loop. When commissioned, each ballast must be identified and individually addressed and placed in a maximum of 16 groups. Layouts allow for 1 or many DALI ballasts per LCM socket for the ultimate flexibility in design and convenience.

Pre-Addressed DALI LCMs –
A simpler installation saving time and money

Building on the principal of a distributed pluggable LCM control system, experience shows that most office layouts can be simplified to support just one conventional (max two ballasts) and/or one emergency lighting fitting per socket. Pre-addressed DALI LCMs are configured wth this in mind to deliver substantial savings in time and site installation costs whilst retaining all the advantages of DALI feedback.

Where necessary press-addressed and fully addressable DALI LCMs may be mixed on the same network to maximise both benefits and savings.