Camlar supply Helvar Dali Router System to Craven House

Camlar have supplied and commissioned a Helvar Dali Router lighting control system to Craven House in Holborn London, all 6 floors and Landlord areas are controlled by a Dali Routers with added 312 Dali PIR and 444 Switch interfaces to enable Energy Saving and ease of use when office reconfiguration is changed across the floors.

Simple to install and commission, a Camlar DALI lighting control system can monitor and control lighting within a commercial office environment, which significantly reduces the use of energy. Energy costs are lowered through daylight harvesting and standard controls such as dimming and occupancy sensors.
Rather than depend on staff to turn off the lighting, the intuitive Camlar DALI system does it for you.
The system also allows facility managers and building owners to receive status reports so they can monitor energy savings and adjust lighting where necessary.
An intuitive Camlar DALI system also delivers lower maintenance costs.

Dali Router

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