The World’s Premier Addressable Energy Management System

Encelium is lighting the way with the Energy Management System™ (EMS™) – the world’s first addressable lighting control system geared specifically for energy management. Building managers are looking for a solution that can simultaneously meet the challenge of rising energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, while delivering the shortest possible payback. Encelium’s EMS™ delivers the most advanced lighting energy management system which can reduce commercial building lighting energy costs up to 50 – 75%. Watch the Six Smart Strategies Video below to see how.

ENCELIUM – next generation Light Management,

ENCELIUM by OSRAM is an integrated DALI based light management system that allows energy savings in a very convenient and versatile way. The core of the system, the innovative Polaris 3D software, provides comprehensive control of the whole lighting from anywhere via remote access. Thanks to the scalability of the system architecture, ENCELIUM works with any building size, offering very simple integration into existing building management systems. This way, you can change and enhance your lighting at the click of a mouse – and make your building fit for the future.
All ENCELIUM light management components, including planning and commissioning, are part of the full OSRAM solution and benefit from over 100 years of experience in lighting.

Why Choose ENCELIUM?Encelium-Powerful e28d1cff-25c6-439d-ae90-ecbf0e831a71 400x226


Comprehensive control of an entire lighting system from anywhere via remote access

Real-time control and analysis of energy consumption for faster response

Colour gradient view options for simplified troubleshooting

Utilize all six lighting control strategies in parallel to maximize energy savings

VersatileEncelium-Versatile 5fa9fb54-d04e-4860-b575-85f4e70fe49f250x295

Adaptable with any lighting technology or building size through various component interfaces

Utilizes wireless and wired devices on the same system

Connect and control DALI and Phase-Cut dimmable leads to the same system

Can integrate into other BMS systems via a BACnet interface​


Making space and lighting layout changes without rewiring through simple drag
and drop commands in software

​Drag and click mouse to highlight occupancy sensors and apply one Encelium-Effective-3 759d4558-5ae2-4cf8-9ba0-f3792c49cf51250x146Encelium-Effective-1 895309aa-1948-4060-97b8-de4e2c116ceb250x146Encelium-Effective-2 7f672c65-a035-43ec-8e8f-c73049f6e705250x146 (1)
time out settings to all

Drag one zone to another to copy a scene to another zone

Select and drag time slots to set lighting schedules through familiar
calendar views